Projects and Testimonials


  • Academic Diploma Translation (San Diego, CA)

  • Bank Statements Translation (Mexico City)

  • Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions (San Diego, CA)

  • Death certificate (California)

  • Personal letter (California)

  • Health Risk Evaluation Questionnaire (Atlanta)

  • Healthy Living Presentation (Maryland)

  • Proofreading of medical insurance copy (US nationwide)

  • Permanency Plan/Special Immigration Status Court Orders (Virginia)

  • Terms and conditions for healthcare provider

  • Brochures for chemical media/filtration manufacturer

  • Motion under 28 U.S.C § 2255 to vacate, set aside, or correct convictions and sentences of a person in federal custody (North Carolina)

  • Balance sheets and financial statements (US and Mexico)

  • Auto theft documents (San Diego, CA)

  • Cookies Policy (California)

  • Divorce judgment document (County of San Diego, California)

  • Employment covenants agreement (Illinois)

  • Copy for insurance company (USA)

  • Radio market survey (Florida)

  • Collective bargaining agreement (Florida)

  • Mutual employment arbitration agreement (San Diego, California)

  • Water heater manuals (Atlanta)

  • Appearance release (California)

  • Handbook for parents/tutors requiring childcare services (San Diego)

  • Copy for tax services (Los Angeles)

  • Financial questionnaire (proofreading, Mexico)

  • Liability release (proofreading, San Diego)

  • Funding for entrepreneurs web copy 

  • Proofreading of a movie script 

  • Web copy and content updates for a non-profit organization that defends women rights

  • Memo to employees: Roof restoration project (San Diego)

  • Client timeline letter (Arizona)

  • Minute order from juvenile court (San Diego County)

  • Earned sick leave and minimum wage employee notification form (San Diego)

  • Harassment, discrimination prevention, and correction policy (San Diego)

  • Language and speech evaluation (Voluntary work in San Diego County)

  • Heat Illness Prevention Program, HIPP (San Diego)

  • Speech-language pathology daily progress notes (San Diego)

  • Orders under Welfare and Institutions Code (San Diego)

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