Pricing (all prices are in US dollars)

  • For English-to-Spanish translation services the base rate per target word is 13 cents. However, the price may vary due to the complexities that arise when different types of formatting or other additional tasks that take extra time are required to deliver the final translation. It is best to first discuss the project specifications in order to give you an accurate estimate. 
  • There is a minimum charge of $75 for any translation of personal documents.
  • To certify a translation there is a $20 charge.
  • To notarize and certify translations there is a $40 charge.
  • The hourly rate for editing or proofreading is $70.
  • Surcharges may apply when the turnaround is within 48 hours or outside of business hours (weekends).

Terms and Conditions



"Marco's translation work was superb. He was easy to work with and did everything he said he would do."

Larry Delrose
Italian American Films